about me:

23-year-old professional volleyball player in Switzerland, NOT Sweden. Learning French, how to take better care of me, and to learn more about the world I live in. I live the life I imagine. I spend a lot of time with my own thoughts, writing them recklessly in a massive collection of journals I have but also sometimes coherently, in published format, on my blog (welcome).  I strive to live a balanced life, and try to understand the perspective of others continually. I live with my head up in the clouds, dreaming about what my life could be, but I also like to have roots – things that keep me grounded in the here and now. I work hard for things yet I also like to relax. I am equal parts outgoing and introverted. I both love and hate humanity.

If you’re lost for words, chances are I know what you want to say anyways. I love to listening to people telling their stories. I love somehow connecting myself into those stories, or discovering new levels into which I understand someone. I love being the one people confide in. I always keep secrets and above all, I’m loyal. I will do anything for my friends. Including dancing like and idiot, driving to pick you up at 3am, or even just treating you to dinner. I believe a hug can go a long way.

This world has so much to offer, and here, on my blog, is a collection of my thoughts, expressions, ideas, insights and things I discovered in this world so far. Some of these things are written candidly, others with immense thoughtfulness and planning. Some are pieces of me, and others just express what I was feeling in that moment. I’m always open to feedback, and I am looking forward to hearing from you in a comment, an email or something else (if you’ve even made it this far). I hope you enjoy and hopefully discover something new about me, and my life.

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