about me:

Welcome to my site. This is possibly one of the best glimpses into my life. Who and what I am often comes out in my writing. I enjoy writing pieces that include a bit of research, some pieces are purely spur-of-the-moment-I-was-inspired writing. But most of this is just how I would write a public journal. Little blips of my life that I feel like sharing – after all, I am trying to be more vulnerable.

I fancy myself a changer and a chameleon. I pride myself on my resilience. I’m practical yet imaginative, hopeful yet dismal at times, charged and relaxed, passionate and sometimes underwhelmed.  I believe that life offers many opportunities and I am an opportunist. I love to study. I love to work hard. I’m a good listener, a loyal friend and above all I’m honest. I’m hard headed – but only for my personal morals. I’m a procrastinator when I lack inspiration.

I claim no home, or I claim multiple. Much of what I consider home is my semi-permanent situation. I’m nomadic and go crazy when I felt I’ve been trapped somewhere against my will. I’m learning how to better take care of me. I’ve held many jobs but being a professional volleyball player ranks amongst  my favorites. I’m currently on a break, healing my body but plan to return to the court in the future.

This world has so much to offer, and here, on my blog, is a collection of my thoughts, expressions, ideas, insights and things I discovered in this world so far. Some of these things are written candidly, others with immense thoughtfulness and planning. Some are pieces of me, and others just express what I was feeling in that moment. I’m always open to feedback, and I am looking forward to hearing from you in a comment, an email or something else (if you’ve even made it this far). I hope you enjoy and hopefully discover something new about me, and my life.


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